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          MBS aims to develop skills and knowledge in the profession of accounting, business administration and economics as well as strengthening the morals and ethics of our students in order to benefit individuals, society and the nation.
          MBS aims to create academic excellence as well as produce quality graduates with both academic and professional knowledge. In addition, those graduates will also be equipped with critical and creative thinking with high moral values and ethical and personal perspectives in order to become successful role models to live and work happily by contributing to society.
          MBS aims to
         1. Produce quality students who acquire knowledge from both academic theories and real practice perspectives in accounting, business administration and economics at undergraduate and graduate levels.
        2. Serve as a consultancy of accounting, business administration and economics for communities
        3. Create valuable and insightful research in accounting, business administration and economics
        4. Manage resources and work processes according to our principles and values through good management   
Shared Values of MBS is ‘PRIDE’
        P = Professionalism
        R = Relationship
        I = Innovation
        D = Devotion
        E = Ethics


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