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Mahasarakham Business School (MBS) is an autonomous unit within Mahasarakham University.  It was established under the University regulations as Mahasarakham Business School on July 19, 1998 and has built up and maintained its flexible, effective and self-reliant administration. However, the University Council of Mahasarakham University is still responsible for oversight and control.

1995: MBS began as the Department of Business Administration in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The first two courses (2-year program) were Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Accounting and in Marketing.  These courses were established to support economic growth (previously only offered as a minor in Business Administration) and taught on Saturday and Sunday as a special project.  
1997: MBS began to offer two more B.B.A. programs (2-year program) in Management and in Business Computer, and the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program, and in the same year updated the B.B.A. program (2-year program) in Accounting and in Marketing.
2003: MBS added Bachelor of Accountancy (B.A.) program and the B.B.A. programs in Marketing, Management, and Business Computer (all are four-year programs).  Within the same year, our school began to offer the Master of Accountancy (M.A.) program.
2004: MBS launched its ‘flagship’ B.B.A. program (4-year program) in International Business (International Program) as well as updating the B.B.A. programs (two-year program) and the M.B.A. programs to comply with environmental changes in both economic and technological perspectives.  Moreover, this year we began to offer the Master of Management (M.M.) program, and the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) programs in Marketing Management and in Strategic Management.
2005: We launched our B.B.A. programs (4-year program) in Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship Management, Financial Management, Electronic Commerce Management, and Business Information Technology.  Also, our school began to offer the Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ.) in Business Economics.  At Postgraduate level we began to offer the M.B.A. program in Business Information Technology Management and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in Accounting and in Management.
2006: Saw the introduction of the Master of Economics (M.Econ.) program in Business Economics.
2008: MBS updated the six programs to meet with standard criteria: Bachelor of Accountancy (B.A.); B.B.A. programs in Marketing, Management. Business Computer, and International Business (International Program); and Master of Accountancy (M.A.).
2010: MBS launched a special project to recruit undergraduate students called “ACC.BIZ.SMART five-year Bachelor – Master programs” to begin in the academic year 2011;

  1. Bachelor of Accountancy and Master of Accountancy Program (ACC-SMART).
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (Management) and Master of Management Program (BIZ-SMART).
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship Management) and Master of Management Program (CEO-SMART).
  4. Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource Management) and Master of Management Program (HR-SMART).
  5. Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business) and a Master of Management Program (IB-SMART).
  6. Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Computer) and Master of Business Administration (Business Information Technology) Program (IT-SMART).
  7. Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Information Technology) and Master of Business Administration (Business Information Technology) Program (BIT-SMART).
  8. Bachelor of Business Administration (Electronic Commerce Management) and Master of Business Administration (Business Information Technology) Program (ECOM-SMART).
  9. Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) and Master of Business Administration (Marketing Management) Program (MK-SMART).
  10. Bachelor of Economics (Business Economics) and Master of Economics Program (ECON-SMART).
  11. Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Management) and Master of Economics Program (FM-SMART).

2011: MBS set up a project of student recruitment, in particular for new generations, across three programs; Bachelor of Accountancy (B.A.), Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), and Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ.). These programs are especially designed to enable students to apply information technology for innovation creation in business operations and to improve their critical and analytical thinking skills in strategic planning as well as to analyze business situations to generate competitive advantage.  Furthermore, in the same year, Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing Management program was also offered.
2012: MBS updated six programs including; Bachelor of Business Economics (B.Econ.) program, B.B.A. program in Financial Management, B.B.A. program in Entrepreneurship Management, B.B.A. program in Human Resource Management, B.B.A. program in Electronic Commerce Management, and B.B.A. program in Business Information Technology.
2013: MBS launched its prestige B.B.A. program in International Business (study four years and get three degrees from three countries) established through international collaboration among academic networks.  In addition, five programs of undergraduate level were updated, which consist of Bachelor of Accountancy, B.B.A. program in Marketing, B.B.A. program in Management, B.B.A. program in Business Computer, B.B.A. program in International Business (International program).  In addition to the amendment of undergraduate-level programs, Master of Accountancy (M.A.) was also revised.

Since its inauguration on July 19th 1998, MBS has been improving and leveraging both its academic and internal management resources to reach domestic and international quality management systems requirements.  MBS places emphasis not only on organization management but also on encouraging all staff to realize, accept, and effectively and efficiently develop their work, as well as create a common conscious of good corporate citizenship and build a sustainable total quality-based organizational culture.  Over 15 years, MBS has been able to produce a large amount of graduates to support both local, national and international labor markets.  All undergraduate and graduate students have insight knowledge and understand their specific fields; Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics.  Also, they are not just experts in their areas but they also have outstanding morality and ethics.  Finally, Mahasarakham Business School strongly believes that our graduates will be the key actors who are capable of using and applying their capacity to both directly and indirectly help and support the development of society and nations.

Academic Service Centers Academic Services for community, entrepreneur, and government offices Mahasarakham Business School, Mahasarakham University established 6 academic service centers, provide any services that related to needs of community, entrepreneur, and other government offices in which located in North Eastern Thailand;

1. SMEs Competence Building Center provides consultancy service for setting up business and other related business operational matters for small and medium size as same as development services for human resources within a company such as training. Furthermore, the centers also acts as a facilitator for research implementation in commercial, commonwealth, and policy making goals, as well as provide required research assistant services to internal users, especially students in the BBA Management, Entrepreneurship, Human resource management, Marketing, Financial Management, MBA in Management, Marketing management, strategic management, PhD in Management, and PhD in Marketing Management.

2. Accounting Professional Development Center mainly provides consultancy services particularly accounting and taxation for instance; bookkeeping, accounting system, and tax custom as well as human development program alongside academic research and publication, applicable to commercial, common wealth, and policy making purposes for both private and public users. The center also facilitates any training program in the field of accountancy in which may be needed, and is also an authorized auditor for The Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce. Publicizing research study is another main responsibility of this center which provide services for internal users for BBA Accountancy, Master of Accountancy; Accountancy, Auditing and Internal audit, Accounting information system, and PhD in Accountancy.

3. Information Technology Development and Consulting Center has the obligation to provide consultancy services on the development of information technologies, including computer systems, business software applications as well as development and application of business information technology. This center is also responsible for human resource development, research, and related academic publication in the area of information technology, disseminating to commercial and policy making for both public and private users. The center provides training services to an individual and as organization. Moreover, the center is also obligated to provide research assistance to any request from internal user particularly student in the program of BBA Business Computer, Electronic Commerce, Business Information Technology, Master Degree student in MBA Management and Information Technology.

4. Northeastern Agriculture Business Data Center is responsible for collecting and analyzing agricultural data, establishing guidelines and promoting agribusiness distribution channels, as same as promoting agricultural research and developing agribusinessís innovation and creativity, especially for exporting items. The center also provides training program for staff to produce academic research, disseminating academic research to commercial and policy making purposes for both public and private users. As research area is one of the center main services, the center is obligated to provide research assistance to any request from internal users, particularly student in the program of B.Econ. Business Economics, and Master of Economics.

5. Asian Economic and Business Studies Center This center has an obligation to produce research studies that aim to maximize business competency within ASEAN region, particularly neighbor countries of Thailand, as well as support the development of trade integration, act as data center for trading, research, investment, tourism, and education, along with promoting organizational collaboration that related to international trade, human development, and research study, disseminating to commercial and policy making purposes for both public and private users. The center provide staff training program per requested for both internal and external users as well as any research assistance for internal users, particularly student in the program of BBA in International Business.

6. Public and Government Affairs Cooperation Center provides consultancy services for cooperation between external units, public and private sectors particularly academic service such as research, seminar and training in both domestic and international scales, as well as promoting the development of staff to produce academic work, disseminating to commercial and policy making purposes for both public and private users. The center also offers training services to individuals and organizations for issues and research topics that have been granted by external funds.
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